Why choose us for your personal loan?

Why choose us for your personal loan?

Why choose us for your personal loan?

Credit agencies are numerous in Belgium as our comparator demonstrates. When a project is in your head, it is not difficult to find a bank that offers a personal loan.. This is the most popular loan in Belgium!

But why choose us among the dozens of organizations on the market. We also asked the question and finally, it was the customers directly who answered our questioning.

Have you ever tried to find out about a restaurant, or a product before you buy it? it’s simple today with online reviews. Of course, as long as they are certified and real. In the case of yoabank, this is the case, it goes through an outside company that manages their opinion online and certifies them authentic and not “invented” of any room.

That’s why we looked at the subject and found that currently yoabank collects no less than 1400 online reviews. Thanks to these, it is very easy to get an idea about the organization in question: what better than a customer feedback?

Why borrow money from us?

Why borrow money from us?

You wish to concretize your projects? With yoabank, you are sure to count on a solid financial partner who will guide you to the best credit formula:

  • You benefit from one of the best rates on the market, regardless of the type of credit.
  • The amount of your loan will be adapted to your needs and your budget.
  • You repay your loan in fixed monthly installments and for a fixed period, determined from the beginning of your loan.
  • For more security, you can subscribe to a yoabank insurance in the formula that suits you and without obligation. For more information on our insurance, click here.
  • yoabank is also the yoabank Maestro® card for all your payments and withdrawals. This gives you a sum of money that you use whenever you want. The monthly payment is based on the amount you spent during the past month. If you have not used anything, it does not cost you anything!

At yoabank, every employee is objectified on your satisfaction.

“We place the highest priority on customer satisfaction. That’s why, twice a year, we ask them about their level of satisfaction. In May 2016, 400 of them gave their opinion. “

The figures collected unanimously show the satisfaction of 96% of the clients surveyed. 60% recommend us with certainty and 43% say they have a very good image of yoabank.

“These surveys allow us to draw important conclusions with a view to continually improving our services. Every year, survey results are integrated into the assessments of all our employees, making it a global goal for our entire company. “

What is an online finance simulator ?.

What is an online finance simulator ?.

An online loan simulator is in other words a “calculator” so as to obtain an online quote in a few clicks. This type of simulator is available for a car loan, a personal loan, motorcycle loan, or a mortgage loan.

It is simply a matter of filling in the amount you would like to borrow, then filling in the number of monthly payments you want to make the repayment. Depending on the APR * (rate) of the bank you have chosen, the calculation of the monthly payment will be done and so you can know how much you have to repay per month for an amount to borrow.

The borrower will no longer have to move to his bank to apply for a loan. He can also think about the arguments he will present to receive confirmation of his work or projects. Nevertheless, the talks concerning the latter remain important and necessary for its finalization. To sum up, if you borrow, all you have to do is fill out and calculate the simulation of your online loan. Then, just wait until you are contacted to discuss it: it is very convenient for your travels and your daily steps.

Difference between installment loan & personal loan ?.

Difference between installment loan & personal loan ?.

“Installment Loan” and “Personal Loan” refer to the same thing, they are very common consumer credits. The term personal loan is the most commonly used and means that you do not have to justify the use of the amount requested. The only thing is that the bank will check (like any loan) your ability to repay but rest assured, these checks are not as pushy as a mortgage. Generally, it is a fixed monthly payment and the sum requested arrives a few days after the online application.

The different personal loans available in Belgium ?.

The different <a href=personal loans available in Belgium ?.” />

There are many other loans in Belgium that can help you in your daily life or in the realization of your projects and ideas. For example :

  • the wedding loan
  • the holiday loan
  • the study loan
  • or any type of loan for electronic object (tv, etc..).

Insurance for your personal loan ?.

Insurance for your personal loan ?.

An installment loan may be covered by insurance.

It is for example possible to guarantee the assumption of your monthly payments in case of loss of employment or in case of temporary incapacity.

But also the total repayment of your credit in case of total disability, disability or death.

Think about it when applying for your loan, insurance is far from useless today.

If I can not repay my personal loan?

If I can not repay my personal loan?

It can happen to have financial worries, unforeseen events that would disrupt a loan in progress.

If, for example, you have several credits in progress, you can think about the grouping of credits that can greatly help you.

This “help” often makes it possible to reduce the total amount of monthly payments to be repaid.

A payment facility can also be requested from the bank where you purchased the personal loan.

For more serious situations involving multiple lenders, you could resort to debt mediation or group debt settlement.

Difference between personal loan & “fast” loan?

Difference between personal loan &amp; "fast" loan?

Not to be confused, a so-called “fast credit” is actually a cash reserve that works like a credit card, a line of credit. It is called fast credit because in a few minutes you can withdraw the amount you need.
A line of credit is not a loan, there are interests too, but the repayment must be done more quickly than with a personal loan.

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