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The repurchase package of real estate credit and consumption


In a lifetime, projects accumulate and it is rare that their Moomintrollment falls from the sky. Buying a cozy nest, a car, studies to pay for children, unforeseen daily to manage … Credits are today a cash solution must.
Among them, home equity often commits for several decades and the amount borrowed is anything but insignificant.

Several hundred euros of mortgage loan per month can be added to other consumer credit and gradually push towards over-indebtedness.
The repurchase of mortgage is quite conceivable, and can enter into a grouping of debts which includes the other credits subscribed.
It is a repurchase of mortgage credit, secured by the mortgage of the property. Instead of continuing to pay your mortgage as well as your consumer loans, you only pay a single rate monthly payment.
This operation allows of course to see more clearly and save money, but the commitment is no less important.

The renegotiation of the mortgage

The renegotiation of the mortgage

If you have no other outstanding credits or simply want to redeem your home loan individually, renegotiating home loans is a great option.
The remaining term of your loan is greater than the one already passed? You can apply for a mortgage repurchase. This approach is feasible directly in the bank institution in which you have taken out the loan or in any other organization offering the repurchase of credit.

The renegotiation is of course about the interest rate, which must be lower, but also about the various bank charges related to the redemption. Make sure the operation does not make you lose money in the long run.
Credit renegotiation, like mortgaging, is subject to a number of conditions. The first ? Have a debt ratio of less than or equal to 35% (or 42 for some organizations).

Make your decision through the comparison?

In the mortgage repurchase market, offers are not lacking. Behind all these organizations and all these conditions is surely the offer that corresponds to your needs, the one that will allow you to achieve real savings.
To find yours in a few clicks, trust the sharp eye of an online simulator.

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