Improving your home to enjoy summer

Home improvement, home remodeling is the process of adding value to your home. Adding value in this context refers to making your home look more appealing, attractive and comfortable to stay in. One may perceive value addition as something that is very demanding in terms of finances, yes, to some point it is expensive but to some it is cheap. Regular cleaning of the rooms within the home to make them fresh and healthy to stay in is an example of home value addition that demands little or no cash, never forget about replacing the old curtains with the new ones, replacing old bulbs with the energy serving bulbs and many other activities.


Such little things we do in our homes but assume that they add no value, in a real sense they do. It is human nature to commend big things.’ Big things’ in this context talk of repainting your entire home, fitting new air-conditioners in each and every room, improving the water system within the home, and many more others. We find that the above activities are costly to most of us and require prior planning and budgeting for it.

After spring you know what follows. Terror, marked by very high temperatures and daytime tends to be longer than night. This season is referred to as summer. Conditions during this time are unbearable for most of the people staying within summer belts. Those with financial might leave their countries to tour foreign countries trying to avoid these extreme temperatures. Can you really find a solution to improving your home such that when summer comes you enjoy staying in it? Yes, it is possible. In articles indicates some of the tricks applied in home improvement in preparation for summer.

What you need to know before you start home preparation

Bare at the back of your mind your limits

Everyone personally understands themselves better. With an in-depth self-understanding, one is in a position of knowing their financial strength thus they know their abilities and inabilities. Some home improvement such as electrical and plumbing renovations requires skilled personnel, therefore, you are required to consult a registered builder for this renovations.


Success is attached to plan. In order to see your hard-work bare fruits, you need to plan. Sit down and draw a sketch of what you need, the sketch is what is referred to as plan. It is imperative to have a list of both minor and major changes you need to make to your home as you wait to usher in summer. When planning, get quotations for each and every change in order to know the actual amount required to make those changes. The best plan will be an aid to helping you on which job to start with and which one to crown your renovation with.

Make sure the reason for renovation rings into your mind Knowing the reason for renovation in this case for summer preparation enables the homeowner to prioritize on areas for renovation noted in the renovation plan. For example in case you renovating your home for sale, you need to put in mind choice of paint that will appeal to the buyer, you need to strive hard in serving the target customer needs among many other factors to bear in mind. Baring the factors in your mind now will lead you to prepare your home for summer, as you know the summer season is not a joke, therefore do some of these activities in preparation for summer. Outdoor Activities Set your lawn for summer season; You need to really do a lot of relations to setting your lawn ready, some of the activities you need to do are;

Ensure the root formation of your lawn is healthy through aeration. This enables the roots of grass to receive enough water, nutrients, and air. Clean your lawn by the use of a rake, this removes debris on the grass and makes it look clean and neat. Regularly irrigate your lawn by the use of sprinkler. During summer grass and other plants need a lot of water for them to look healthy. Regularly trim shrubs around your home and prune trees. This practice helps in the removal of dead parts of the shrubs and plants thereby promoting a healthy look. During summer there are a lot of pests, this because the temperatures favor them. Regular control these pests by use of appropriate pesticides. Pesticides will prevent pests like a grasshopper from feeding on the plant leaves thereby enabling the plants to maintain healthy good-looking leaves.

Indoor Activities:

Install air conditioners

In case you have never thought about this, then it is high time you purchase and install an air conditioner. After installation, the technician will schedule your air conditioner and ensure that it is efficiently working. The air-conditioners will replace the hot air in the house with the cool air from the outside. For efficiency, you need to install air-conditioners depending on the size of your house or the number of rooms targeted. It is also a good thing that you have a trusted hvac technician. For more info visit this website:

Replace your bulbs with LED lights

Non LED bulbs consume a lot of energy, produces a lot of heat, therefore, makes it unconducive to stay in your rooms. LED bulbs consume less energy, therefore you will end up paying less for energy at the same time it does not emit a lot of heat, therefore, promoting cooling effect. Apart from that, LED bulbs have a very long lifespan.

Tint your windows

Tinting windows especially the east-west facing windows is important in reducing the sunlight penetration into the rooms. The transparent windows can be metalized; this helps in the heat reflection and also barring heat from getting into your rooms. The disadvantage of window films is that it is only effective when the windows are closed; on the other hand, tinting is effective even if the windows are opened for aeration. Thanks